Audit & Kontrol IT

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IT Audit and Control describes a process for reviewing and position IT as an important instrument in achieving business / corporate business . IT audit and control the process of systematic , planned, and use IT skills to determine the level of compliance , performance, value , and risk of technology implementations . The ability to know the knowledge and skills on IT Audit and control as well as show a certain professional level in a professional , also makes a person will analyze, design , build, deploy , monitor and sustainable development of ICT not only operate but also follow the rules of the industry and international standards . Course is intended in part to encourage participants subjects viewed IT as an important asset for organizations and corporations.

This course is designed to foster students’ critical attitude in understanding the problems associated with the impact of information technology in the area of business , social and community. Understanding the characteristics and scope of IT audit & Control. Understanding the concepts , techniques and tools in the IT audit. Being able to analyze the characteristics , scope and computer assisted audit techniques including understanding the existing standards in the industry and international institutions. Able to carry out computer-assisted audit and certain computational techniques f . Capable and have the knowledge in designing , designing , developing, implementing and monitoring as well as the continued development of ICT -oriented long-term.

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